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I have request

SELECT IF(f.date_term=3,t.quarter*f.date_term ,''),

but this is not work.

how to make a condition? I need one value IF ( date_term == 3 ) {select quarter} ELSE IF ( date_term == 6) {halfyear} ....

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Just as a comment, consider the design of your software because I think it's good practise to keep your logic separate from your queries – Tom Gullen Nov 14 '10 at 1:26
There are languages (e.g. 4GL) where almost all logic is in the queries. :) – AndreKR Nov 14 '10 at 1:30

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Use a CASE expression:

SELECT CASE f.date_term
         WHEN 3 THEN t.quarter
         WHEN 6 THEN t.halfyear
         WHEN 12 THEN t.year
       END AS term_interval,

There's nothing to stop you from doing the calculation at the same time:

SELECT CASE f.date_term
         WHEN 3 THEN t.quarter * f.date_term
         WHEN 6 THEN t.halfyear * f.date_term
         WHEN 12 THEN t.year * f.date_term
       END AS term_calc,
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