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I am studying for .Net Certification. I know they expect you to have a couple of years progarmming in C#/VB. I have recently started using C# though I am familiar with it for last 6 years. I have avery solid background in C/C++. Now I am studying 70-536 [App Development Foundation] which is necessary for all .Net certifications. I am doing pretty fine with the programming stuff but find a bit hard with other stuff like App domain and services, logging, application, data & user security, etc. There are simply too many methods to remember. Does microsoft expects one to read the book cover to cover and memorise everything [as I have seen in the sample tests]? Or I should practice more like they say for couple of yrs before attempting the test? The next book [windows forms app dev] 70-505 I am more comfortable with. Any suggestions will be appreciated

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They're guidelines, there's no actual requirement you have the work experience. Frankly, the work experience will get you further than the certification itself. –  OMG Ponies Nov 14 '10 at 1:40
+1 to what OMG Ponies said. Also keep in mind that the certifications are generally meant to be earned by those with some experience (3 years comes to mind) working with the technologies in question. I know that's not often the reality, but that does explain the "all this stuff to memorize" issue; those with some direct experience of the specific tech might not have as much trouble there. –  Andrew Barber Nov 14 '10 at 2:06

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