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Nettus+ has this nice jQuery code to filter out and show specific <li>s from a <ul> when a category is clicked. For example, when the 'design' link is clicked, only the 'design' <li>s are shown and the rest of the portfolio <li>s are hidden. However, when I combine it with a lightbox like Yoxview (image viewer jQuery plugin), the lightbox shows the <li>s from entire portfolio instead of just showing the specific category that was clicked on and filtered out.

How can I get the the lightbox to show only the <li>s that are currently shown on the page and ignore the hidden <li>s? Thanks for any help.

    $(document).ready(function() {
    $('ul#filter a').click(function() {
        $('ul#filter .current').removeClass('current');

        var filterVal = $(this).text().toLowerCase().replace(' ','-');

        if(filterVal == 'all') {
            $('ul#portfolio li.hidden').fadeIn('slow').removeClass('hidden');
        } else {
            $('ul#portfolio li').each(function() {
                if(!$(this).hasClass(filterVal)) {
                } else {

        return false;

<ul id="filter">  
     <li class="current"><a href="#">All</a></li>  
     <li><a href="#">Design</a></li>  
     <li><a href="#">Development</a></li>  
     <li><a href="#">CMS</a></li>  
     <li><a href="#">Integration</a></li>  

<ul id="portfolio">  
     <li class="cms integration">  
         <a href="#"><img src="images/a-list-apart.png" />A List Apart</a>  
     <li class="integration design">  
         <a href="#"><img src="images/apple.png" />Apple</a>  
     <li class="design development">  
         <a href="#"><img src="images/cnn.png" />CNN</a>  
     <li class="cms">  
         <a href="#"><img src="images/digg.png" />Digg</a>  
     <li class="design cms integration">  
         <a href="#"><img src="images/espn.png" />ESPN</a>  
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How can I get the the lightbox to show only the <li>s that are currently shown on the page and ignore the hidden <li>s?

You can use the :visible filter selector that will only affect the elements that are visible something like this:

$('#ul_id li:visible')

The above selector will work only on those lis that are inside the parent element with id ul_id and are visible.

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Thanks for the answer. Using the :visible filter selector works, but when the lightbox pops up, it will show each li one at a time (the user has to click and close each one) instead of grouping them together so that they can be shown like a slideshow. The lightbox needs to be told the #ul_id so that it may group them together. So using #ul_id li:visible makes each li its own group. I don't understand why the lightbox is not ignoring the dynamically hidden elements in the ul. –  BobbyJackDougan Nov 15 '10 at 3:30

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