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So, here's one of those too-simple-to-fail bugs that we all hate.

I have a .lua file that, among other things, tries to load an image via Love's newImageData function (and place it into a button):

back_button = buttonmanager.createButton("back", love.image.newImageData("../Images/BackButton.png"), width-200, height-105)

Love fails to load, throwing this error:

./frame.lua:5: Could not open file ../Images/BackButton.png. Does not exist.

I've gone through the stupid-mistakes process ("well, does it actually exist? Where is the folder?" etc) -- the file exists, is in the Images folder, which is one level up -- I can even say "ls ../Images/BackButton.png" from the directory this script sits in, and it outputs BackButton.png as I'd expect.

Is there some weird relative pathing issue I need to watch out for? I tried changing it to an absolute path and it gave me the same error.

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The love.filesystem module restricts access to files in certain locations:

This module provides access to Files in two places, and two places only:

* The root folder of the .love-file. (Alternatively a directory).
* The root folder of the write directory.

Is the ../Images directory outside of your game's folder/archive?

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