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I'd like to eager load a structure, two levels deep in an association chain. Something along the lines of:

class TopLevel {
    String name

    LevelOne levelOne

class LevelOne {
    String name

    LevelTwo levelTwo

class LevelTwo {
    String name

I'd like to load the entire structure. Searching around I found this example, but it didn't work. The "println" generated a query to the LevelTwo table.

def result = TopLevel.withCriteria {
    eq('name', 'test')
    fetchMode "levelOne", FetchMode.JOIN
    levelOne {
        fetchMode "levelTwo", FetchMode.JOIN


Appreciate any help!
- Steve

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Got it working. Here's the secret sauce:

def result = TopLevel.withCriteria {
    eq('name', 'test')
    fetchMode 'levelOne', FetchMode.JOIN
    fetchMode 'levelOne.levelTwo', FetchMode.JOIN
    fetchMode 'levelOne.levelTwo.levelThree', FetchMode.JOIN
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