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I have two textviews, a listview (this is a listactivity, by the way) and a datepicker. All is supposed to be displayed in this order, vertically.

The problem is that the ListView is pushing the datepicker below the screen, to the depths of the unseen world. I want the datepicker to have its own space, fixed at the bottom, while the listview grows as needed, but still allowing datepicker to have its own space.

+/- like this:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ screen top

TextView 1

TextView 2




| ListView [*]




DatePicker (stays here no matter how much List grows or shrinks

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ screen bottom

[*] -> This listview will scroll a lot, but won't hide datepicker!

I know it's very lazy to ask for ready code, but could you guys share a light? This is driving me crazy. I've tried millions of combinations I believe.

Thank you a lot. This is all I need to finish my first app! :-(

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Use RelativeLayout:

  <!-- other stuff goes here -->

By the way, I just gave you the basic and important part... you will need to complete the code (for instance, you have to give a width and height to the RelativeLayout tag, put your TextViews, etc.)

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Thank you very much! I even tried alignParentBottom, but I wasn't referencing layout_above, and it seems to need datepicker to be placed before it, too. My mistake! All is working fine now! ps.: yes, I know this is the basic stuff, I actually prefer concise examples, so double kudos for you. –  David Cesarino Nov 14 '10 at 20:06

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