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I want to create a MySQL database with one column containing a list(variable in size for different entries). I also have to allow entries to be added to that list later. What is the way to do this ?

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describe more about your question – yogs Nov 14 '10 at 4:43
example? a list containing? – pavanred Nov 14 '10 at 4:49
I want to make a list containing all the friends of one user(for all the users). – Ashish Nov 14 '10 at 5:45

The way this is typically done is to create a separate column that groups the items together:

list_id, value
1, a
1, b
1, c

2, e
2, f

SELECT value FROM table WHERE list_id = 1 will return three rows: (a, b, c)

Adding a new value x into list_id 2 would be something like this:

INSERT INTO table VALUES(2, 'x')

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