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I access the following values like this.

//next row

However I need to consolidate this to


2 other strange things. The values are strings and I need them to be decimals(2 decimal points) and also the min and the max for price and low accross all the rows

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Well the obvious way to build an array of values would be:

$values = array();
for($i = 0; $i < some_maximum_value; $i++) {
   $values[$i] = array(
      'price' => $result->{'HistoricalPricesResult'}->HistoricalPricesResult[$i]->Price,
      'low' => $result->{'HistoricalPricesResult'}->HistoricalPricesResult[$i]->Low,
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$values = array();
foreach($result->{'HistoricalPricesResult'}->HistoricalPricesResult as $key => $obj){
    $values[$key]['price'] = $obj->Price;
    $values[$key]['low'] = $obj->low;
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Now that you have the values, I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to find the min/max. That is what you're paid for anyway... – Tyler Carter Nov 14 '10 at 5:42
$myVals = array();
foreach ($result->{'HistoricalPricesResult'}->HistoricalPricesResult as $key => $v)
   $myVals[$key]['price'] = 1.0 * $c->Price;  //hoping string has 2 after the decimal
   $myVals[$key]['low'] = 1.0 * $c->Low

Try to figure out max/min yourself

Check out foreach loops and string/float conversion

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