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In MySql, Let's say I have a table


I would like to insert a string into the table, but have each word from the string insert on a seperate row.

For example, if I have a string...

"The quick brown fox jumped" would be inserted like so:

  1 - The
  2 - quick
  3 - brown
  4 - fox
  5 - jumped

I am wondering if it is possible to write an sql query that can do this, given the string? Or do I have to parse up the string beforehand?

Thanks (in advance) for your help

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You may be able to work some odd magic using SUBSTRING INDEX() but I don't think it would be pretty. In addition, it would require you to know the indices prior to the Insert. I would recommend parsing prior to the insert. Check the MySQL 5.0 Reference specific to String functions.

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