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maybe you could help me. i am trying to use wcf to transfer a string between client and server. most of the time it is working. but at some clients (one on particular) i received the following error "An HTTP Content-Type header is required for SOAP messaging and none was found". 1. is this an error that returns from the server side ? 2. how can this be fixed ?

Thanks in advance G.

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I have the same question. How to configure WCF client to work with third party WS service hosted on the server that doesn't return content-type in the reply?

Unfortunately I have no answer. May be we will try to find it together? At least to understand the situation.

For this I want to ask some question?

a) Is the service you are using hosted on WebSphere? b) Are you sure that this service require only SOAP1.1, not SOAP 1.2? If you can use SOAP1.2 - try to use it (there content-type is mandatory) c) Do you use https (I do, and think that empty content-type cab be also could be a feature of decoding process)... Sniffed packet are too complex analize.

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