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I want to create a news site in which there will be two sort of pages: 1. Home Page: showing the main updated (last) article today. 2. News Page: showing a selected news.

Both pages should look like a simple news site (showing the main article) and both should have related last news on the side.

What I want to do, is a lot like what's mentioned in the site:

Problems: 1. This site only shows how to create the related news and not the main article. 2. I wanted to know how to do the same thing only without a news site (meaning a simple list with a Wiki field where the picture should be) 3. How can I (hoping its possible) take a Wiki field in CQWP and add smaller "width"?

Thank you in advance, Mor Shemesh.

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  1. Create a publishing site
  2. On the default.aspx put s Conent Query web part, configure it to show 1 article, sorted by date in decending order
  3. Create another welcome page and put a Content Query web part there also, configure it to show several item, according to the filter you need
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