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My and a friend are working on a 2D game where the graphics will be .svg files and we will scale them appropriately either by rasterizing them first, or rendering them directly on a surface (which still would require rasterization at some point).

The problem is, I've been looking all day to find a library that will allow me to take an .svg file and eventually get it to render in allegro. As far as I know, it would involve rasterization into some sort of format that allegro can read and then allegro could render the "flattened" image.

So what are some C++ libraries I could use for taking an .SVG file and "flattening" it so I can render it? The library obviously needs to support scaling too so I can scale the vector graphic then rasterize it.

I'm using Windows and Visual C++ Express 2010.

Any suggestions would be helpful as I am very lost right now:

I've tried Cairo, but it only allows writing of .svg files and doesn't allow you to read the .svg file. I've also looked into librsvg which works with Cario, but I was having a lot of trouble getting it to work properly on Windows (because it has loads of GNOME dependencies). If you have any guides for getting these to work (on Windows) that would be great too.

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The wxsvg library allows loading and manipulating SVG files. Qt also has an SVG module.

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wxSVG looks perfect because I have experience with wxWidgets. Although I have absolutely no idea how to compile on Windows, I'll figure it out eventually. Thanks :) –  Brad Nov 14 '10 at 8:18

SVG++ library provides advanced support for SVG reading, so that rendering SVG with allegro can be implemented in reasonable time.

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