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for projects under git controls, I use git shortlog to get counts of commits.

currently I am working for a project under svn controls.

How do you get the count of svn commits log?

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There is no built in command until svn version 1.6. You may use svn log to create a plain text or xml log file and use a parser to create the statistics.

svn log -v --xml http://www.sourceforge.net/svnroot/

As an alternative you may use statsvn.

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statsvn awesome! –  xhan Nov 15 '10 at 9:36

Subversion projects don't necessarily follow the Git convention of a single summary line followed by the details in the commit message, so you might not be able to get output that is as useful as git shortlog. This obviously depends on the policies of the project, though.

I think parsing the output of "svn log" to produce something similar to "git shortlog" should be quite easy.

If you just want counts per user, you could try this quick'n'dirty option:

svn log --xml | grep '<author>' | sed -e 's/<author>\([^<]*\)<\/author>/\1/' | sort | uniq -c

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