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I am now applying EHcache to my web application by means of SpringModules EHcache support.

However, it does not work. No exception thrown though.


  <diskStore path="c:\\myapp\\cache"/>
      memoryStoreEvictionPolicy="LFU" />
  <cache name="WorldExpoCache"
      memoryStoreEvictionPolicy="LFU" />

Excerpt of my applicationContext.xml:

<!-- EHCache configuration -->
    <ehcache:config configLocation="classpath:ehcache.xml"/>   

<ehcache:proxy id="WorExpoDAO" refId="worldExpoDAO"> 
       <ehcache:caching methodName="grabcategory" cacheName="WorldExpoCache"/>  

    <bean id="worldExpoDAO" class="">
        <property name="sessionFactory">
            <ref local="mySessionFactory" />

Certainly, I have a method called "grabcategory" sitting in my DAO class. However, when this method fired up second time, related data was still retrieved from underlying database rather than from cache.

P.S.: I did include all required jars into my application

Why was that? Can anybody tell me where I did wrong?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Spring Modules is no longer maintained, and does not work properly with the current versions of Spring and EhCache.

Unfortunately, the caching functionality provided by Spring Modules doesn't really have a replacement, you'll have to roll your own.

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In fact the caching functionality of Spring Modules does have a replacement. EhCache Annotations for Spring has emerged, and is in fact a lot easier to use.

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The @Cachable annotation was introduced in the Spring 3.1 release. It can be configured to use Ehcache as backend.

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