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Am using RichTextBox in a C#/Winforms application.

Am showing some text in this control which has got some UNC file paths embedded into it: for example: filePath= "\\serverName\DirName\File"

Richtextbox shows this file path as a clickable hyperlink in the UI. filePath= "\\serverName\DirName\File.doc"

I want to show it as plain text instead.How do i achieve this?


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There's a property you can change named DetectUrls. It is set to true by default, set it to false to get rid of the clicking behaviour e.g.

richTextBoxName.DetectUrls = false;

Or you can simply set it to false using the properties editor in Visual Studio.

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Thanks a lot Simon.This works! – user40907 Nov 14 '10 at 10:05

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