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i'm trying to search in google in a right to left language (hebrew arabic etc..) and i've tried this

    NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"امريكا"];
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url];

but no use at all it ignore the url and skip the method as if it's empty .. while if i put english characters it's work just fine .. is there another way for those utf-8 character ?

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Caveat: I don't do iPhone programming, and don't know how the operations/methods that you're using are supposed to work.

However, it seems like the URL is not being escaped.

The URL RFC is explicitly vague on character encoding within a URL ("This specification does not mandate any particular character encoding"). However, the URL is limited to ASCII letters, digits, and a small set of special characters. Everything else has to be encoded using percent-encoding.

Although the URL syntax doesn't specify a character-set encoding, a well-behaved server should accept UTF-8 characters, as long as they're percent-escaped. So the Hebrew character Sheva, unicode 05B0, should be stored in a URL as %D6%B0.

To diagnose, you'll need to look at the actual bytes going over the wire. Not sure how easy this will be to do with the iPhone, but a logging proxy such as Fiddler may help (yes, I know, it's a Windows app, but I'm sure there's an equivalent for the Mac).

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