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I have the following criteria.

       .CreateAlias("FreieAbrechnungPositionen", "fp", JoinType.LeftOuterJoin)                                            
       .Add(Restrictions.Eq("fp.IstAktiv", true))
       .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Kunde.ID", kundenId))
       .Add(Restrictions.Eq("IstAktiv", true))
       .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Abgeschlossen", false))

So I get this Sql-Statement:

SELECT this_.ID as ID13_1_, this_.Version as Version13_1_, 
this_.KundeID as KundeID13_1_, this_.Erstellungsdatum as Erstellu4_13_1_, 
this_.Druckdatum as Druckdatum13_1_, this_.Abgeschlossen as Abgeschl6_13_1_, 
this_.AbgeschlossenDatum as Abgeschl7_13_1_, this_.IstAktiv as IstAktiv13_1_, 
this_.ErstelltDurchID as Erstellt9_13_1_, this_.ErstelltAm as ErstelltAm13_1_, 
this_.MutationDurch as Mutatio11_13_1_, this_.MutationAm as MutationAm13_1_, 
fp1_.FreieAbrechnungID as FreieAbr3_3_, fp1_.ID as ID3_, fp1_.ID as ID12_0_, 
fp1_.Version as Version12_0_, fp1_.FreieAbrechnungID as FreieAbr3_12_0_, 
fp1_.KundeID as KundeID12_0_, fp1_.Bezeichnung as Bezeichn5_12_0_, 
fp1_.Betrag as Betrag12_0_, fp1_.Erstellungsdatum as Erstellu7_12_0_, 
fp1_.MwStSteuerCodeID as MwStSteu8_12_0_, fp1_.IstAktiv as IstAktiv12_0_, 
fp1_.ErstelltDurchID as Erstell10_12_0_, fp1_.ErstelltAm as ErstelltAm12_0_, 
fp1_.MutationDurch as Mutatio12_12_0_, fp1_.MutationAm as MutationAm12_0_ 
FreieAbrechnung this_ 
left outer join FreieAbrechnungPosition fp1_ on this_.ID=fp1_.FreieAbrechnungID 
fp1_.IstAktiv = 1 and this_.KundeID = 1 and this_.IstAktiv = 1 and this_.Abgeschlossen = 0

The problem is, that the restrictions fp1_.IstAktiv = 1 is in the where clause. This restrictions have to be in the left outer join. Like this:

left outer join FreieAbrechnungPosition fp1_ on this_.ID=fp1_.FreieAbrechnungID and fp1_.IstAktiv = 1

What should I change in the criteria, that I get the right Sql-Statement?

Thanks, Dani

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To add conditions to the join, you must use HQL instead of criteria.

A rough translation of your query would be:

select f
from FreieAbrechnung f
left join f.FreieAbrechnungPositionen fp with IstAktiv = 1
where f.IsAktiv = 1
... etc
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Thanks. How can I eager-load FreieAbrechnungPositionen with FreieAbrechnung? I can not do it this way: select f, fp from... –  Dani Nov 14 '10 at 19:12
left join fetch f.FreieAbrechnungPositionen fp etc –  Diego Mijelshon Nov 14 '10 at 19:17
now I have this exception: with-clause not allowed on fetched associations; use filters. But I have no idea how I do set the filter to FreieAbrechnungPositionen instead the with-clause. –  Dani Nov 14 '10 at 20:25
Oh, wait, FreieAbrechnungPositionen is a collection (German doesn't help). Then you can't both filter and fetch directly. You have to use a subquery. –  Diego Mijelshon Nov 14 '10 at 22:28
Yes, is a collection. Sorry, I didn't wrote this... I try to use a subquery. Thanks. –  Dani Nov 15 '10 at 21:27

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