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How can I disable automatic conversion of HTML tags in Rails3? I have output in some controller view. For example I have method wich outputs simple HTML link set..

[:en, :de].map{ |locale| link_to locate.to_s.upcase , { :locale => locate } ...

In view I'm calling my method <%= my_method %>

As a result I get this: | &lt;a href=&quot;/login?class=language_selected&amp;amp;locale=en&quot;&gt;EN&lt;/a&gt;

How can i disable it?

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I haven't worked with Rails3 so no guarantees. but it looks like this has to do with the fact that your method returns a list.

Rails will usually format internal data structures for output by escaping the special characters and displaying the html escaped interpretation of your data.

Try tacking a .join onto the end of your map call to return a string

[:en, :de].map{ |locale| 
  link_to locate.to_s.upcase , { :locale => locate }

Also rwilliams aka r-dub's suggestion to use raw will probably be necessary addition to this code. raw on a list however may give you an undesirable result probably because of an internal to_string call. Which is an implicit join(""). So add the raw to the method call in addition to returning a string.

<%= raw my_method %>
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If you're up voting for this, also toss an upvote for rwilliams aka-dub's solution. His/Her point about raw addresses the larger part of the root problem described in the question. –  EmFi Nov 14 '10 at 16:06

If you're sure your methods output is safe then you can use the raw method.

<%= raw my_method %>
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