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I'm trying to get a simple pass through geometry shader to work under Mac OS X 10.6. The code compiles and links without problem, but for some reason no geometry is being drawn to the screen. Here's my shader code:

#version 120
#extension GL_EXT_geometry_shader4: enable

void main()
    gl_Position = gl_PositionIn[0];


If anybody could help I'd appreciate it.

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So as it turns out, the problem wasn't in the shader code at all. Apparently, when using version 120 in a geometry shader, you have to set the input and output types as follows:

glProgramParameteriEXT(shaderProgramID, GL_GEOMETRY_OUTPUT_TYPE_EXT, GL_POINTS);
glProgramParameteriEXT(shaderProgramID, GL_GEOMETRY_VERTICES_OUT_EXT, GL_POINTS);

After that everything worked out perfectly.

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A geometry shader works on entire primitives. Yours looks like it would only be suitable for points. If you are not passing in points you need to process all gl_VerticesIn (count) vertices.

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The eventual plan is to have the shader process one point into more complex geometry. Right now I'm only passing through individual points. –  LandonSchropp Nov 15 '10 at 10:20

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