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I'm trying to write Firefox add-on that will follow users activity for chosen web links at some webpage. Because I'm not so familiar with web development, I would appreciate your suggestions and directions how to finish this task.

I already made one simple Firefox add-on, but yet don't have idea how to mark wanted links and how to make counter for clicks at that (chosen) links. Probably I need to add function in JavaScript file that will be placed in content folder and called within html file, but I need your help how to locate wondered web link? I.e. do I need to locate it using Element ID (and how to do it) or there is some other way?

Also, if somebody knows similar add-on that is already written, that would be perfect!

Thanks in advance!


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Essentially, you just need an event listener listening for the click event. You could call content.document.addEventListener('click', myListener, true); every time a page loads, or you could just call gBrowser.addEventListener('click', myListener, true); when the whole program starts up. Either way, myListener will be passed the click event as an argument, so then you can do something like:

function myListener(event) {
  if (event.target.href && event.target.href === 'some.url.com')

I hope this makes sense.

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Thank you MatrixFrog! – Nemanja Vujacic Nov 18 '10 at 23:31

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