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I'm trying to get the numbers of errors in the fifth line of this XML file:

  <result usecase="CRUD" target="AppHost">
    <testcase size="1" cvus="1">
      <sequence tps="0.25" totaltx="1" name="CRUD" min="3515" max="3515" errors="0" average="3515.0">
        <node tps="0.25" totaltx="1" name="localhost" min="3515" max="3515" errors="0" average="3515.0">

Using XML::DOM::Parser and this code:

my $parser = new XML::DOM::Parser;
my $doc = $parser->parsefile($file);
my $root = $doc->getDocumentElement();

foreach my $child ($root->getChildNodes) {
    print $child->getNodeName();
    print "\n";

But instead of only printing "result", I get this:


To reach the parameters of the "node" node in the fifth line, I want to use the getFirstChild method, but I can't because it looks for children of "#text".

What is this #text object? What should I do to reach the fifth node?

Thank you,


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XML::DOM is nonstandard. You should use XML::LibXML instead. –  Axeman Nov 14 '10 at 23:53

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use XML::DOM;
use XML::Parser;

$file = "test.xml";

my $parser = new XML::DOM::Parser;
my $doc = $parser->parsefile($file);

print $doc->getElementsByTagName('node')->item(0)->getAttributeNode('errors')->getFirstChild->getNodeValue;
print "\n";
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