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Do I need a different signing certificate for each different appID? or do I just need different provisioning profiles?

If I have two apps: com.domain.app1 and com.domain.app2 do I just need to create 4 provision profiles?

1 - Dev Profile for com.domain.app1 1 - distribution profile for com.domain.app1

1 - Dev profile for com.domain.app2 1 - Distribution profile for com.domain.app2

Also do you know why my new AppId/Bundle ID does not show up in my iTunes Connect when I try to create a new APP? Does this mean I need to create the distribution profile first?

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You should only need to create two provisioning profiles using the wildcard character (*):

1) Your dev profile.


2) Your release profile.


When developing your apps, you can re-use the profiles for any number of different releases by replacing the wildcard with an app specific string. Ie -

com.domaindev.app1, com.domaindev.app2, com.domainrelease.app1, com.domainrelease.app2

I hope this helps!


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