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i am trying to build a little ASP.NET 3.5 project to explore DAL concepts. While following the steps on this walkthrough:


I am unable to figure out how to reference the TableAdapter added in the DAL section from within the App_Code directory. I tried adding the following different statements

using AccountsTableAdapter;

using <projectname>.App_Code.MyTableAdpater;

where <projectname> is the solution name. When I add this to the code behind page but I keep getting an error regarding the namespace. What is the pattern I need to use to find this code in 3.5 within the App_Code directory?

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after you create your project follow these steps :

  • Add New Item >> Select "DataSet" from the window.

  • you will see that a message displayed , Click Yes (this is to put you DAL in App_Data folder)

  • if you haven't receive a dialog box that let you choose your database ,then go to Server Explorer and drag an drop you table ,

  • Now you have a tables , go to you tutorial and follow it .

hope this helps

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thank you, WOW. –  Robin Nov 15 '10 at 6:32

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