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I want to have a very distinct color on [] and () but not the same.

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This depends on what faces are used which in turn is determined by what major and minor modes are being used in your buffer. If there are 2 different faces which correspond to [] and () then all you have to do is customize those faces. If there aren't 2 faces, then you will have to define one or both variations you want. The relevant function is called defface.

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To figure out what face is in use by the [ ] and ( ) characters, or any character, put your cursor on the desired char, and then do M-x describe-char. This will tell you all about the char including the text properties on that char. One of the text properties will be the font face.

You can then do something like

(set-face-foreground 'facename "Orange")
(set-face-background 'facename "Purple")

or, for more control over the face, use these other functions:


You can use these within emacs.el, globally, or you can call them in the mode hook function for your mode, to set the face just for a particular mode.

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