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I am trying to do something that should be simple! I have a queryset of nodes in a tree. The queryset has an attribute name, id, depth and parent ID. I want to iterate through the rows and generate a JSON tree as follows.

{"data": [], "children": [{"data": [], "children": [{"data": [], "children": [], "id": 115, "name": "Tony Wedgewood Ben"}], "id": 5, "name": "Margret Thatcher"}, {"data": [], "children": [], "id": 942, "name": "Winston Churchill"}], "id": 1, "name": "Bill Clinton"}

As you can see, the tree is three levels deep. It will always be three levels deep so no need for recursion.

Here is my code:

def jit_node(id, node_name):
    node_name = node_name.strip()
    return {
            'id': id,
            'name': node_name,
            'children': [],
            'data': []

def jit_make_tree(id):
    member = thedata.objects.get(id=id)
    l1node = jit_node(member.id, member.name)

    # get_children gets the nodes that should be below member
    member_children = member.get_children()

    l2_children = member_children.filter(depth=2)
    for l2_child in l2_children:
        l2node=jit_node(l2_child.id, l2_child.name)
        l3_children = member_children.filter(parent_id = l2_child.id)
        for l3_child in l3_children:
            l3node=jit_node(l3_child.id, l3_child.name)
return l1node

nodes = jit_make_tree(id)            
json_string = simplejson.dumps(nodes)

This does not work. I think I have got my Python data types mixed up.

How do I fix this problem?

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you're probably reinventing the wheel here. check out the built in serialization stuff as @cues7a recommended –  babonk Mar 8 '12 at 19:28

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