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I have a Facebook application where I am using it in Windows phone 7 application.

I am done with share on Facebook option through my mobile application. I want to add an extra link at the bottom of my application wall post (beside the like and comment links present)

How can I achieve this? Which setting need to be set in the application settings?

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The docs for integrating share functionality are at http://developers.facebook.com/docs/share.

We don't recommend the Share button for new developers. If you aren't already using the Share button, we recommend you migrate to the Like button and Open Graph protocol instead of Share for sharing pages from your website. The Like button is simpler to user and is the recommended solution moving forward.

Because this is implemented in HTML & JS with Facebook's own scripts you'de need to look at usingt a WebBrowserr control to embed this funcitonality on your page.

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