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Title of the article Author Hits

1 Restaurante Al Cambio Administrator 24

2 Convencion Verano 2010 Administrator 50

3 Ile Aiye & Ketubara Administrator 54

I have article list with this format but I want small thumbnail to each article instead of numbers 1,2,3,....If anyone have idea about component/plugin/module available in joomla to show article list with thumbnails instead of numbers inform me immediately. Thank You.

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You can accomplish this with a template override. You'd need to write some code to pull the images out of the article and remove the order list. If this is a Section listing or Category listing you would need to edit either

For a category listing: template/[your template]/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php and template/[your template]/html/com_content/category/blog.php

or for a section listing: template/[your template]/html/com_content/section/blog_item.php and template/[your template]/html/com_content/section/blog.php

Or you could just use K2, it has built in support for article images.

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