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i try to use some source code for sending email with adobe flash and action script 3.0 that i got from internet.. here i want to send email with an attachment..but it still using adobe air as player.. and now i want to use it flash player 10.. so i can't use flash.filesystem that provided by air library.. and know how to change it if i use flashplayer 10 as player...and how my code become??? any body could help????

import org.bytearray.smtp.mailer.SMTPMailer;
import org.bytearray.smtp.encoding.JPEGEncoder;
import org.bytearray.smtp.encoding.PNGEnc;
import org.bytearray.smtp.events.SMTPEvent;
import flash.utils.ByteArray;
import flash.display.BitmapData;
import flash.display.Bitmap;
import flash.events.*;

/* For air library*/

import flash.filesystem.FileStream;
import flash.filesystem.File;

// create the socket connection to any SMTP socket
// use your ISP SMTP

var myMailer:SMTPMailer = new SMTPMailer ("smtp.mail.yahoo.com", 25);
var fileRef:FileReference; 

// register events
// event dispatched when mail is successfully sent
myMailer.addEventListener(SMTPEvent.MAIL_SENT, onMailSent);
// event dispatched when mail could not be sent
myMailer.addEventListener(SMTPEvent.MAIL_ERROR, onMailError);
// event dispatched when SMTPMailer successfully connected to the SMTP server
myMailer.addEventListener(SMTPEvent.CONNECTED, onConnected);
// event dispatched when SMTP server disconnected the client for different reasons
myMailer.addEventListener(SMTPEvent.DISCONNECTED, onDisconnected);
// event dispatched when the client has authenticated successfully
myMailer.addEventListener(SMTPEvent.AUTHENTICATED, onAuthSuccess);
// event dispatched when the client could not authenticate
myMailer.addEventListener(SMTPEvent.BAD_SEQUENCE, onAuthFailed);

// take the snapshot
send_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);

function onClick ( pEvt:MouseEvent )

/*How to change this attachment by using adobe flash player library code and action script 3.0, not adobe air player library ?????? */

/* change from here........... ..........*/

 var attachmentFile:File=File.documentsDirectory;
 attachmentFile = attachmentFile.resolvePath("file/Questions.xml");
 var stream:FileStream = new FileStream();*/
 var myCapStream:ByteArray = myEncoder.encode ( fileRef );

/* until here.......................... */

myMailer.authenticate("x@yahoo.com","xxxx"); myMailer.sendAttachedMail ( "x@yahoo.com", "y@gmail.com", "test", "test body", myCapStream, );


function onAuthFailed ( pEvt:SMTPEvent ):void


 status_txt.htmlText = "Authentication Error";


function onAuthSuccess ( pEvt:SMTPEvent ):void


 status_txt.htmlText = "Authentication OK !";


function onConnected ( pEvt:SMTPEvent ):void 


 status_txt.htmlText = "Connected : \n\n" + pEvt.result.message;
 status_txt.htmlText += "Code : \n\n" + pEvt.result.code;


function onMailSent ( pEvt:SMTPEvent ) 


 // when data available, read it
 status_txt.htmlText = "Mail sent :\n\n" + pEvt.result.message;
 status_txt.htmlText += "Code : \n\n" + pEvt.result.code;


function onMailError ( pEvt:SMTPEvent ):void 


 status_txt.htmlText = "Notification :\n\n" + pEvt.result.message;
 status_txt.htmlText += "Code : \n\n" + pEvt.result.code;


function onDisconnected ( pEvt:SMTPEvent ):void 


 status_txt.htmlText = "User disconnected :\n\n" + pEvt.result.message;
 status_txt.htmlText += "Code : \n\n" + pEvt.result.code;

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Browser flash application cannot read file from disk (silently) and use network to send email. You have to load file with FileReference, get ByteArray from it (not entirely sure if that is possible, try to experiment) and feed into myCapStream.

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