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We want to create a real-time web application that should be able to handle a large number of concurrent users. The real-time aspect of it would be to push new messages to the client, the way FriendFeed does, and also accept new messages from the client, like a chat system.

For example, some options we have are: Run a CodeIgniter application behind an nginx server using the Comet plugin, use a Python framework such as Twisted or Tornado, use Orbited to maintain a persistent connection with the server, etc.

Which setup would scale the best for a real-time application and also be easy to implement in?

Addendum: A related question I would love an answer to is - which is easier to write a full real-time web application in - Twisted / TwistedWeb or Tornado?

Edit: Ballpark numbers: We plan on starting off with being able to manage 10,000 concurrent connections, but should be able to scale up to 1,000,000 later on by switching technologies / adding servers. We will only be pushing text messages, including long text messages. We want the real-time aspect of it to be truly real-time, with a < 5 second delay.

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After lots of research, we've decided to go with Node. It should be fairly easy to implement in, and should scale pretty well, and if we start having millions of concurrent users, then we'll look into more scalable and complex solutions.

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It's a bit later on now - I'd be interested to hear how things panned out for you with Node, Chetan, if you don't mind sharing experiences? –  Danjah Jul 31 '12 at 12:02

I suggest you take a look at Planet Framework (disclaimer, I'm one of the developers).

It offers a full stack solution with client and server-side templates, cross-browser push features and database sharding. Based on gevent it offers normal blocking semantics (as opposed to node.js) combined with the simplicity of Python.

We're currently invite-only, but all our documentation is available publicly. I suggest you request an invite on the site as we're continuously approving new users.

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Have you gave a look at Zope or even Plone (altought this one is a CMS) ? Is famous for handling large traffic websites such as NASA and more, but it runs under a Object-Oriented Database ( wich is the main reason for such perfomance ) and i don't know if you want that.

Zope and Plone are both written in Python.

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You do not yet provide enough information to make a good decision. A large number of concurrent users pushing new messages to each other is simply not enough. Only text? Or also video? Only short texts, or also long texts? Only written now, or uploaded? 10.000 concurrent users or 10.000.000? All of them from the beginning or do you have some time to ramp up/switch technologies/build a data center? How real-time is good enough? 1 sec delay or a few minutes? How many message subscriptions do you want to allow?

At the high end of these questions you are on your own, just writing custom code is the only sensible way. Relaxing some constraints makes it possible to use existing frameworks

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Thanks, I've added some ballpark numbers to the question. Hopefully that should make the decision more clear. –  Chetan Nov 15 '10 at 22:54

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