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Is it possible to insert into {% url %} field from queryset record?

e. g.

{% url queryset[0].field %}
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I viewed django source and reach the conclusion that what I want to do is not possible, so I made it other way. In view for every record from query set I added new field url:

for q in queryset:
    q.url = reverse(q.field_with_url_name)

I think the simplest way

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Of course it's possible, but square brackets are not valid syntax anywhere in Django's templating language. This is very clearly documented.

This would work:

{% url queryset.0.field %}
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Yes, I cant use queryset[0], I made a mistake when a was writing question, but I cant use your method either. I think when you will use queryset.0.field django will search "queryset.0.field" name in urls. –  szaman Nov 15 '10 at 11:52

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