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I had been trying to rotate an image around its center in using pygame.transform.rotate() but it's not working. Specifically the part that hangs is rot_image = rot_image.subsurface(rot_rect).copy(). I get the exception:

ValueError: subsurface rectangle outside surface area

Here is the code used to rotate an image:

def rot_center(image, angle):
    """rotate an image while keeping its center and size"""
    orig_rect = image.get_rect()
    rot_image = pygame.transform.rotate(image, angle)
    rot_rect = orig_rect.copy()
    rot_rect.center = rot_image.get_rect().center
    rot_image = rot_image.subsurface(rot_rect).copy()
    return rot_image
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2 Answers

You are deleting the rect that rotate creates. You need to preserve rect, since it changes size when rotated.

If you want to preserve the objects location, do:

def rot_center(image, angle):
    """rotate a Surface, maintaining position."""

    loc = rot_image.get_rect().center
    rot_sprite = pygame.transform.rotate(image_orig, angle)
    rot_image.get_rect().center = loc
    return rot_image

    # or return tuple: (Surface, Rect)
        # return rot_image, rot_image.get_rect()
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Found the problem: Example works good, but needs equal dimensions for width and height. Fixed pictures and it works.

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