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How can I draw image with rounded corners in Cairo/Gtk? In any language.

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Ok, it's realy simple. Here is vala code:

private void draw_rounded_path(Context ctx, double x, double y,
    double width, double height, double radius) {

    double degrees = M_PI / 180.0;

    ctx.arc(x + width - radius, y + radius, radius, -90 * degrees, 0 * degrees);
    ctx.arc(x + width - radius, y + height - radius, radius, 0 * degrees, 90 * degrees);
    ctx.arc(x + radius, y + height - radius, radius, 90 * degrees, 180 * degrees);
    ctx.arc(x + radius, y + radius, radius, 180 * degrees, 270 * degrees);

and example of expose_event:

public override bool expose_event(Gdk.EventExpose event) {
    Context ctx = Gdk.cairo_create(this.window);

    draw_rounded_path(ctx, allocation.x, allocation.y, allocation.width,
        allocation.height, 5);

    if(pixbuf != null) {
        Gdk.cairo_set_source_pixbuf(ctx, pixbuf, allocation.x, allocation.y);

    return false;
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