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i have a win32 api application residing on a usb virtual cd. Is it possible to determine whether it was run by windows executing autorun.inf or by user double-clicking the cd icon in explorer?


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there is no direct way to detect that an application was run from an autorun.inf. the autorun stuff is launching the application as if it was launched by the user.

however, you can specify a command line argument in your autorun.inf, which will trigger a specific behaviour in your application. this command line argument is retrieved normally through argv or GetCommandLine().

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good idea, but isn't autorun.inf also parsed when a double-click on cd icon is done? –  Marin Nov 15 '10 at 12:00
the 2 are undistinguishable: double-clicking a cd icon or inserting a cd both launch the autorun. –  Adrien Plisson Nov 15 '10 at 12:05

Not sure how double clicking the CD icon works, but how about detecting a command line used in the autorun.inf?

open=yourapp.exe /viainf
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Afaik, double-clicking the CD icon in Windows Explorer just launches the autostart process chain.

As it is supposed to work this way and people expect it to behave like this, I would leave that path only for a very good reason.

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