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I'm planning to use Java iText library to generate Geospatial PDF (

There are some basic support in iText, but I have not found any high level API. People are trying to directly use the adobe format extensions.

Do you know any easier solution?

Thanks in advance, Regards,

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Until iText adds some high-level API calls for it, your only option will be to dive into the low level objects (PdfObject's subclasses) with a copy of the PDF Specification handy, turned to the relevant section...

err... Must be in one of the addendums... Ah! Here it is., under "part 1:..."->Interactive Features...->8.8 Measurement Properties->8.8.1 Geospatial Features.

I wish you luck.

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Thanks Mark. I knew that (is what we tried), but it will be very useful for people who reads the question. – Angel Palazon Nov 23 '10 at 8:24

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