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you can embed certain glyphs of a font via the Flash IDE.

is this also possible by code only? (without the IDE)

,fontName='Arial' )]
public static var font:Class;
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It's possible, see Using embedded fonts (look for 'unicodeRange').

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thanks, but when i use unicodeRange i get this error: Error: transcoding parameter 'unicodeRange' is not supported by 'flex2.compiler.media.MovieTranscoder'. i am using flexsdk3.5 do i need to upgrade to 4? –  clamp Nov 15 '10 at 12:40
It's for embedding font files, not swf (also needs mimeType="application/x-font"). –  alxx Nov 15 '10 at 13:08
It might possibly have something to do with which version of Flex you are using. –  bigp Jan 31 '12 at 14:40

There is a difference in embedding with the Flex SDK you are using (embedAsCFF propertie).

Flex 4.x SDK

[Embed(source="../lib/CustomFont.ttf", embedAsCFF="false", fontName="CustomFont", mimeType="application/x-font")]
public var CustomFont:Class;

Flex 3.x SDK

[Embed(source="../lib/CustomFont.ttf", fontName="CustomFont", mimeType="application/x-font")]
public var CustomFont:Class;

Note1: Don't forget to set textfield.embedFonts = true

Note2: You cannot use a swf as font, it should be an .TTF or .OTF file format

reference source: http://www.bit-101.com/blog/?p=2555

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small addition: there is also .PFB format (Printer Font Binary,) by Adobe. –  alxx Nov 15 '10 at 18:03

For Flex3 you can also try Antialiaser: a free AIR application that makes OpenType and TrueType font visualization easy, allowing you to embed certain glyphs and customize all font setting, so you can use them later inside your Flex and AIR projects.


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