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Everytime I svn update I get the following error

Failed to add file path/to/file: object of the same name is already scheduled for addition

I tried to rename the file, delete it...but the error is still there.

I've read this article and say something about reverting...but I still can't understand how to do it...


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Mine is svn: Failed to add file 'path/to/some.file': object of the same name already exists but otherwise the same problem. – Jesse Chisholm Feb 1 at 17:25
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What client are you using? For the "plain" svn client, see if any of these solve your problems:

cd /path/to/directory/with/suspected/duplicate
svn revert .
svn cleanup
svn update

If you use TortoiseSVN, rightclick on the folder with issues, then: TortoiseSVN->Revert, TortoiseSVN->Clean up and SVN Update.

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I connect via ssh using Putty. This will only affect my instance right and not others? Sorry...I'm quite a beginner at this. – Woppi Nov 15 '10 at 13:07
For others... I tried svn cleanup, it didn't work. svn revert path/to/file is what works^^ Thanks Martin! – Woppi Nov 15 '10 at 13:30
Thanks for this. This worked for me :) – marknt15 Oct 25 '11 at 15:33
Slight panic ... thanks for this from me too :) – diversemix Oct 25 '11 at 16:24
Sadly, this did not work for me. svn: Failed to add file 'path/to/some.file': object of the same name already exists still occurs. :( Status says nothing is pending, nothing special about that file. Contents as expected. If I delete the file, an update will put it back and then fuss that it can't add it. I up-voted anyway, as this is best answer I've seen. – Jesse Chisholm Feb 1 at 17:28

Revert is easy: it undoes all changes in your working copy. So, revert the directory and that will un-do the add operation you applied to the file. That should sort your problems out.

After reverting, update the directory.

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Sadly, it does not undo the pending add. that is tied to the specific workspace, and must be removed before the revert to the master will work. – Jesse Chisholm Feb 6 at 13:35

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