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I am running a Chipmunk simulation on a NSView named ActionView;

I want to display the simulation (balls falling) on a Quartz Composition. Right now I have a QCView that loads a composition that has a Publish Input named "textimage".

From Objective C I can do [myQCView setValue:myImage forInputKey:@"textimage"] and the QCView changes the texture.

But if I try to capture the ActionView (and its subviews) using -cacheDisplayInRect:toBitmapRep and the assing it to the QCView the only thing I see is a bunch of glitches on the screen.

I tried using

[QCView stopRendering];
[QCView setValue(...)];
[QCView startRendering];

but the refresh doesn't work. There are no glitches but I can't see a fluid animation of the simulation. Just a couple of random frames.

Please advice, Thanks

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