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I've created a session to keep track of some user actions on a specific page.

When user navigates away from that specific page (but still on the same site), I need to reset the session.

I can set set timer for when session expires, but that's not what I want.

How can I reset session on page navigation?

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Just make resetting the session the very first thing you do when loading a new page.

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mm - unless page is reloded. But I can probably check on that. Thanks. –  Steven Nov 15 '10 at 16:09

Do you have a single page that all traffic is routed through? If so you could do a simple check

if ($current_page != $session_page) {
    $_SESSION = array();

If you don't have a single page all traffic goes through, then you will need to reset the session at the beginning of every other page.

$_SESSION = array();
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Alternatively you can use




Though note these handle slightly differently to the suggestions above. Note the second (session_destroy) will require you restart the session should you need it again.

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You can never be sure that the session is really destroyed.

But there is an old trick used in for example chat applications where a "... is leaving" message is to be printed: On unload just open a popup windows with window.open() that calls your logout page and then closes itself.

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Oh, now I see that you have influence on the page that is navigated to, then you don't need the trick. –  AndreKR Nov 15 '10 at 14:08

What I've done in the past is make a quick ajax call on unload to an unset page, much like the other answers on this page.

 function myAjaxCall(){
  //if using jquery

<body onunload="myAjaxCall()">
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