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I was wondering if anybody knew of any good Perl modules and/or Java classes for sentiment analysis. I have read about LingPipe, but the program would eventually need to be used for commercial use so something open-source would be better. I also looked into GATE, but their documentation on sentiment analysis is sparse at best.

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Have a look at Rate_Sentiment in the WebService::GoogleHack module at CPAN. There's more information about the project at SourceForge.

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I saw this, but it doesn't have any ratings and I was worried about scalability since it mentions using the Google API. Do you have any experience with it yourself? – user387049 Nov 15 '10 at 19:10
No, I've never used it. However, Ted Pedersen seems to be one of the authors. He's a pretty major figure in Perl NLP. – Pedro Silva Nov 15 '10 at 19:14

I just added a sentiment analysis library to my Social Media Analytics Research Toolkit. The blog post / announcement is here. It's in R, not in Java, but there's a good interface between R and Java in the toolkit, so you can write your "glue code" in Java to call the R library. There's also an R - Python interface in the toolkit.

There's supposed to be an R / Perl interface too, but I haven't been able to contact the maintainer about bugs, so I took it out of the build.

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You might want to take a look at LingPipe (Java) based sentiment analysis at:

and GATE (

For more generalized NLP parsers see The Stanford parser (, NLTK (Python) (, etc.

I'm not aware of any similar open source tools for Perl, although there are some good basic references out there to get you started, e.g.:

Billisoly, R. (2008) Practical Text Mining with Perl. Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-17643-6.

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