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I'm having problems deleting a file from a higher directory, I found this post and tried it but no luck....:

gotdalife at gmail dot com 25-Sep-2008 02:04

To anyone who's had a problem with the permissions denied error, it's sometimes caused when you try to delete a file that's in a folder higher in the hierarchy to your working directory (i.e. when trying to delete a path that starts with "../").

So to work around this problem, you can use chdir() to change the working directory to the folder where the file you want to unlink is located.

>     $old = getcwd(); // Save the current directory
>     chdir($path_to_file);
>     unlink($filename);
>     chdir($old); // Restore the old working directory     ?>

here is the code that I currently have:


if (!isset($_SESSION['agent']) OR ($_SESSION['agent'] !=md5($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))){

    require_once ('includes/login_functions.inc.php');
    $url = absolute_url();
    header("Location: $url");

$folder = $_GET['folder'];
$filename = $_GET['name'];
$path = "../gallery/photos/$folder";

if (isset($_POST['submitted'])) {

    if ($_POST['sure'] == 'Yes') {  

        $old = getcwd(); // Save the current directory
        chdir($old); // Restore the old working directory  


        echo '<p>The photo has NOT been deleted.</p>';

I'm getting the error message :

Warning: unlink() [function.unlink]: No error in J:\xampp\htdocs\bunker\admin\delete_file.php on line 37

line 37 being:


can anybody see what I've done wrong?

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Have you tried explicitly declaring the path? (e.g., no "../" but an actual hard path) Don't know where that will leave you if it works/doesn't work but might be a good test :) – clifgriffin Nov 15 '10 at 14:29
Ummm, do you have any idea how bad of an idea that is? I mean passing raw input to chdir and running unlink...? At least do some sensitization to prevent delete_file.php?folder=../../../../../etc&file=passwd... (permissions will likely prevent that, but there are bound to be files it can delete that are just as bad to you at least)... – ircmaxell Nov 15 '10 at 14:32
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I always use absolute filepath names.

I'd define the filedir as a constant in your config, then concatenate so you have an absolute filepath, then make a call to unlink().

Btw: I hope you know your code is highly insecure.

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See here:


and here



Though I wouldnt recommend doing this, as per the comments above. Is there the option for a different approach?

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sorry im very new to php so i'm unaware of any other approaches, i'm open to suggestions... all i need to do is delete a file selected but it seems to be causing me problem after problem. – alsweet Nov 15 '10 at 14:41

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