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I'd like to create an extension for Visual Studio 2010. The functionalities I need are these:

  1. Add a context menu item for Project (when user right clicks project name in his solution, he'll get my context item in the list).
  2. When he clicks, a new WinForms form appears, where he can input some data, and an option to save that data for future reuse.
  3. When he clicks OK on that Form I'll generate some files and add those files to be a part of his project that he rightclicked.

The WSCF.blue is exactly the kind of behaviour I want to immitate in VS, but it's source was written in VS2008, and I'd like to use VS2010 Extension options which are quite changed as I understand...

I found some resources on the msdn, but I found it confusing with incomplete info (e.g. MenuAndCommands example).

Can anyone shed some light on how to achieve what I'm after?

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'but I found it confusing with incomplete info' Amen! –  Airn5475 Oct 17 '11 at 19:30

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