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How does it work?

I see no tags defined for example to add a CellTable in a UiBinder.ui.xml file, like

The documentation is sparse on this.

So if it doesnt work, where should I put the cell widgets, in the uiBinder class or the presenter?

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Look in the Expenses sample provided with GWT 2.1.0.

Basically you need to add to the <ui:Binder tag:


and then use it for example as:

      ui:field='table' />

This is from the ExpenseReportList class.

Ui widgets should not go in the Presenter. The celltabel has interfaces to communicate the data between presenter and view.

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Oh. Thank you, I forgot the to add the <ui:Binder tag for ..cellview.client. –  rapadura Nov 15 '10 at 15:33
+1. Silly mistake on my part. I had forgotten to add the namespace for cell widgets. Thanks. –  Amey Jan 28 '11 at 6:23

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