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Is there something similar to Artifactory/Nexus/Archiva, but which works for pure source code as opposed to build artefacts, and does not depend either on Java or on using Maven in the build system?

To add some context, I have my own code in SVN, but use various open source libraries. I want to end up with a copy of a specific version of each open source library (e.g. an export from a tag if the library is also in SVN) in my own repository so that I don't have to rely on external repositories. Expand this to multiple projects with multiple versions of each library, and the problem is very similar to the one solved by the tools mentioned above, but for source code only.


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Lots. Check out subversion, git, hg, perforce. The keyword to look for is “source code management system” or “scm”.

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No I am using SVN already ... question edited to add more context. –  RobinP Nov 15 '10 at 16:42

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