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How can I convert relative symbolic links to absolute symbolic links recursively in bash?

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What do you mean by "recursively" ? –  thkala Nov 15 '10 at 17:47

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ln -sf "$(readlink -f "$link")" "$link"
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+1, didn't know about the canonicalization options to readlink! –  Flexo Nov 15 '10 at 17:46
You can do this for all symbolic links under the current working directory using: find ./ -type l -execdir bash -c 'ln -sfn "$(readlink -f "$0")" "$0"' {} \; –  Nathan S. Watson-Haigh Jan 31 at 1:37

Just in case somebody looking for reverse operation: conversion from absolute links to relative:

Using python:

find . -lname "`pwd`*" -exec sh -c 'ln -snvf `python -c "from os.path import *; print relpath(\"$(readlink {})\",dirname(\"{}\"))"` {}' \;

Using only bash and sed:

find . -lname "`pwd`/*" -depth 1 -exec sh -c 'ln -snvf `echo $(readlink {}) | sed "s|\`pwd\`|.|"` {}' \;
find . -lname "`pwd`/*" -depth 2 -exec sh -c 'ln -snvf `echo $(readlink {}) | sed "s|\`pwd\`|..|"` {}' \;
find . -lname "`pwd`/*" -depth 3 -exec sh -c 'ln -snvf `echo $(readlink {}) | sed "s|\`pwd\`|../..|"` {}' \;

This would convert all absolute links in the subdirectories to a relative ones.

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Based on @thkala's answer, I added this to my .bashrc:

function lnabs {
    ln -sf "$(readlink -f "$1")" "$*"
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