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Hey, is there a way using Spring.net to run a select query and have it return a single value. If there is a way, how do I go about doing it?

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As far as I know Spring .NET manipulates with data using both NHibernate and it's own DAO.
Sooo... If you're using Spring .NET DAO then you should use

ExecuteScalar method of DbCommand.

More details.

If you're looking for NHibernate example, then you should use

UniqueResult method of IQuery

It should be something like this:

long veryImportantId = (long) session.GetNamedQuery("someQueryName").SetString("someParam", "someValue").UniqueResult();

I hope it helps you. If not, then please write slightly more details about this issue.

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My best bet would be to use Query for a single object method available with spring.net. You can learn more here: http://www.springframework.net/doc-latest/reference/html/ado.html#ado-query-for-single-object

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