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I'm starting to play around with the Entity Framework 4 and I've a doubt. Context: A system where car crashes can be logged in.

  • Entity1: Car
  • Entity2:Crash
  • Entity3: Person

Now, in a ERD diagram, I would use a ternary relationship to represent that the person was involved in a crash and in that crash the person was in a particular car. If ternary relationships are not allow (like in Erwin) I can represent the ternary relationship with three binary relationships, setting as contraint something like a unique index on (PK person + PK crash). In this way I'm restricting the fact that a Person cannot be in the same crash in two different cars.

Now, How can I represent this in EF4? How can I set that constraint?

I must be able to know that a person X was in the car Y in the crash Z.

Thanks in advance! Daniel.

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