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I have just tested using Apache Mahout for building an Latent dirichlet allocation model on a corpus of 30 documents. I did not have Hadoop installed on the system thats why a local execution of the Mahout yielded the resulting model. I would like to access the model parameters, as in the estimated \alpha, \beta, \Phi, \Theta

How can I access these?

/mahout lda -i /tf-vectors -o -k 4-v 27

I can see that has folder for each iteration(i presume) of the learning algorithm. Each has a single file part-r-0000 which I do not know how to access.

Any help will be appreciated.

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I can't help you off-hand except to say that the people who can help you all read the mahout-user mailing list and answer questions there. I suggest you repeat your question there.

See here for more information about how to subscribe:

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