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In Rails 2.X we have:

 map.resources :posts, :controller => 'posts', :as => 'articles'

This essentially creates an alias for our posts routes. For example, this sends "domain.com/articles/" to the posts controller index action.

In Rails3, however, the :as option behaves differently. For example:

 resources :posts, :controller => 'posts', :as => 'articles'

sets a named route rather than an alias, and going to "domain.com/articles/" gives an error:

No route matches {:controller=>"posts"}

How do I get the old (Rails 2) :as behavior using the new (Rails 3) api?

PS: Please don't tell me to simply rename my controller. That's not an option for me.

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From some cursory reading of the RoR guide on routing, I think you might need to try:

resources :articles, :controller => "posts"


You might also need to add :as => "articles", but that named helper might already be set up since you are adding :articles resources.

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You can accomplish this same behavior using the path option:

resources :posts, :path => '/articles/'

Now for example /posts/new becomes /articles/new.

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