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I'm running into a problem: when I use a non-trivial type of Spinner item, the Spinner displays the drop-down list someplace other than on the Spinner.

(Note: most of this description is identical to Android doesn't honor selection change with custom Spinner items?, but the problem I'm reporting here is slightly different. I've split these up so it's clear where to direct different replies to)

My goal was to have a slightly more fancy display for each item in the spinner, and so I started by creating a layout that contains several items, one of which is the target TextView (lbl2, in this case)

I then attempt to set up the Spinner (my eventual goal is to populate the spinner programmatically, so I'm not using resources to set this up) using:

    Spinner spinner = (Spinner) findViewById(R.id.spinner);
    ArrayAdapter<CharSequence> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<CharSequence>(
            this, R.layout.spinner_fancy, R.id.lbl2);
    adapter.add("Item #1");
    adapter.add("Item #2");
    adapter.add("Item #3");

When I run the program it looks (mostly) good - the Spinner is, in fact, rendering the goofy-looking multi-color, vertical layout of three textviews for each item, and it's correctly substituting Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3 for lbl2. I can even click on the spinner & bring up the drop-down list of choices.

This problem is that the items aren't displayed over the spinner. Instead they're just kind of floating over the activity, a bit further down. Hopefully this picture will help clarify: Floating Spinner Elements

EDIT: Thanks for the vote up - I've fixed up the image so it's now inline!

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Android Spinners work in that way... The list of items is shown in "dialog mode".

You can add a title to the list using this in the XML layout (in the spinner section):

android:prompt="Select a fancy item..."
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