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Is it possible to call an IronRuby method from C# with a delegate as parameter in such a way that yield would work?

The following gives me a wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) exception.

Action<string> action = Console.WriteLine;
var runtime = Ruby.CreateRuntime();
var engine = runtime.GetEngine("rb");
                 class YieldTest
                   def test
                     yield 'From IronRuby'
object test = engine.Runtime.Globals.GetVariable("YieldTest");
dynamic t = engine.Operations.CreateInstance(test);
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I'm sure Ruby's block is not a c# delegate.
If you pass delegate to Ruby you should invoke it via delegate's Invoke method.
Here is sample code:

var rt = Ruby.CreateRuntime();
var eng = rt.GetEngine("rb");
            class Blocktest
              def test(block)
                block.Invoke('HELLO From IronRuby')
dynamic ruby = eng.Runtime.Globals;
dynamic t = ruby.Blocktest.@new();
t.test(new Action<string>(Console.WriteLine));

Can we convert c# delegate into ruby block... I don't know.

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+1 for showing how to invoke C# delegates from IronRuby. Still curious if there's a way to yield C# code from IronRuby. – Jonas Elfström Nov 28 '10 at 20:22
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Got an answer by IronRuby core team member Tomáš Matoušek on the IronRuby-core list that it's not possible. Yet.

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